closer, committed, competitive

Company Profile

ProfEC Ventus is an internationally recognized, accredited Testing and Calibration Laboratory, highly specialized for wind energy advice, services and expert opinions accepted by banks 

Our procedures and techniques do comply with relevant and most recent international industry standards for wind energy. Our accreditations as Testing Laboratory and as Calibration Laboratory following ISO/IEC 17025 prove bankability of our work and performance. We perform services in compliance with pertinent norms such as: 

Moreover we take into account other international and national guidelines or regulations wherever advisable, among which BWE recommendations, to which we contribute ourselves as exclusive member of the expert advisory board. 

Typically with our top-class services we entirely serve the needs and satisfy the expectations of project developers, banks or investors, authorities, international organizations as well as wind turbine manufacturers worldwide.

We work closer, committed, competitive

As a consequence: results are delivered quickly, affordable and absolutely transparent, serving our appreciated Clients at its best.

Our work was proven in more than 30 countries all over the world, among which leading industries for wind energy among which leading industries for wind energy development and application as well as countries with extreme climate or political regimes. We combine about 40 men-years of professional experience, working closest possible to springs of innovation, latest scientific insights and recent or even trend-setting engineering practices.

On behalf of Clients we accompany wind projects from the first idea and site prospection via wind sensor calibration, power performance measurements until optimization of operating wind farms.

Our services, and we don‘t promise too much, are highly customer oriented. Our Clients can be fully assured that our flexibility as well as commitment and professional approach are fully in line with their requests, needs and ventures. 

Feel free contacting us. We’d be keen getting to know how we may assist to realize your plans.

Accredited Compliance