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Design and Efficiency Optimisation, Component Development and Guidance for Small Wind Turbine Certification

ProfEC Ventus supervises setup and establishments of production floors for manufacturing small wind turbines for rural electrification by aid of a simple, reliable and robust design.

Optimal and reliable performance especially matters a rural context

We are providing professional and scientific assistance for the development and optimization of small wind turbines up to 15kW and individual components. Thereby we look at the product development, engineering, manufacturing and testing of individual components, as well as on the testing and certification of entire wind turbines. 

As a result, costs of production are reduced, making the turbines affordable in most rural context. 

Knowing precisely about key components makes the difference in efficiency and durability. Therefore we have been contracted for governance and supervision during establishment of an entire standardized manufacturing floor with the superior objective to produce small, certified wind turbines. During our design and optimization work we do focus on compliance to internationally accepted IEC norms and ISO quality standards, most remarkably:

IEC 61400-2 : 2013 Ed 3.0: Wind turbines - Part 2: Small wind turbines

IEC 61400-11 : 2012 Ed 3.0: Wind turbines - Part 11: Acoustic noise measurement techniques

IEC 61400-12-1 : 2005 Ed 1.0: Power Performance measurements of electricity producing wind turbines

ISO9001:2008: Quality management systems — Requirements

IEC 61400-11 : 2012 Ed 3.0: Wind turbines - Part 11: Acoustic noise measurement techniques

Learnt from the big, applied to the small

We do assist on the improvement of the technical design, efficiency, aerodynamic, control, durability and quality of wind turbine components for small wind energy converters, leading our Clients to a reliable series production, yielding internationally accepted and proven wind turbines as product.

Of essence is an economic and reliable design for rural applications

In rural and remote locations high reliability of wind turbines is essential. Especially the initial procurement costs cause a barrier and do matter in the context of rural electrification. Also of importance are operational costs as well as the spare part availability, and the presence of skilled technicians who could repair wind turbines in case of any failure. 

Knowing about this importance for rural electrification, we have been adopting a concept of a small wind turbine that could be built anywhere in the world by local resources, ending in a robust design with high technical reliability that can be operated, maintained and repaired locally and at local costs. 

From the wind turbine tower via the charge controller to the battery: all can be acquired or manufactured in a regional context, becoming independent from the import of goods from industrialized countries, which cause prices sky rocking in a contradictorily way to sustainable rural electrification and poverty alleviation. 

As critical factor must also be seen the chance for local technicians conducting maintenance and repair of the wind turbine themselves. This finally is a key that enables economic operation on long-term, without the need to fly-in technicians or spare parts from abroad. We elaborate proper operational and maintenance schemes and provide training to local technicians to enable a complete local service for manufacturing, operation and repair. 

The overriding objectives of our consulting services provided on small wind turbine design and component optimization are:

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