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100 % data availability and permanent access to the measurement station, even under extreme environmental conditions, is no magic for us


We measure everywhere at all time

ProfEC Ventus offers high quality hardware that regardless climatologic conditions is not only prepared for wind measurements in any part of the world, but also is most reliable, accurate, robust, flexible and modular. Given the very low uncertainties involved, our provided measurement hardware is highly bankable and in compliance with relevant standards as IEC 61400-12-1FGW TR6 Rev.9FGW TR2 Rev. 16MEASNET Power Performance Measurement Procedure V.5MEASNET Evaluation of Site-Specific Wind Conditions V.1 etc. 

Our logger hardware comes with a customer friendly data management and analysis service V.Mac (Virtual Measurement Access), offering quick data analyses, data access, resource evaluations and data sharing by individual user rights that our Clients can assign to the stakeholders to whom they grant a sub-account. 

V.Mac (Internet browser based or mobile App based) is flexible and can incorporate any data a Client wants to incorporate, also from measurements not performed by us. V.Mac saves our Clients hiring an external, additional data management service worth more than about 8000 USD per year/station, if compared to business as usual offers from appreciated competitors. 

We have proven a 100% data availability and system operation in extreme low temperature regions of -50ºC as in Gobi desert to extreme humid, tropical highlands and extremely remote island situations as Micronesia. We are prepared for all situations and challenges while offering an excellent quality service to our Client. 

The uttermost high accuracy of offered devices does significantly lower potential uncertainties and increases the likeliness for a more attractive financing structure at less risk. 

From offshore to moon

Our onshore wind measurement masts range from 40m to 160m and include tubular as well as lattice tower structures from galvanized steel or aluminium. 

Our freestanding offshore wind measurement masts range up to 110m height with a boom length of about 20m. 

The design of any mast installed follows recent standards for banks compliance in terms of IEC 61400-12-1, FGW and MEASNET. We perform data logger calibration, line-2-line calibration of entire measurement systems and we offer optional calibration for all measurement sensors. 

We deliver and install individual equipment components as well as pre-confectioned measurement systems including all cables and junctions for plug&play, out of the box installation and operation. Suitable sensors, equipment, calibrations and communication interfaces like GSM, GPRS, Edge, UMTS, 3G, LTE and (W)CDMA(2000) modems, WLAN-routers or satellite communication packages enable our clients to access their measurement stations at any time and virtually anywhere in the world. As fall-back option Serial, USB and Compact Flash interfaces still can be used at any moment on site. 

Climbing protection, safety equipment, aviation lights, signal painting, sophisticated lighting protection measures, cameras, bird flight diverters or bat counters are part of our standard delivery for measurement masts, sensors and equipment. 

We offer remote sensing by LiDAR technology to accompany wind measurements campaigns. 

To save Clients‘ budgets, we offer alternating mast techniques as well as anemometer in-situ tests, telling us the right moment for anemometer re-calibration: not too early, not too late. 

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