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Modelling and Validating Simulations of Electrical Characteristics of Power Generators and Systems

Optimally introducing & managing increased shares of intermitted, volatile RE-sources in sophisticated interconnected networks or stand-alone hybrid systems

Increased shares of intermitted renewables challenge interconnected networks historically designed for conventional power generators 

We optimize RE-generator operation and design characteristics as well as grid infrastructure and its operational management in order to reduce losses and to increase efficiency and security of supply with as overall objective a more affordable and less vulnerable energy supply based on increased, sustainable resources. We perform grid analyses for different scenarios and determine weak points and characteristics, as well as technological and operational management solutions. 

Meeting national and international requirements with respect to norms, standards and grid codes by advanced application of verified models and validation of results 

Our work results comply with international standards and national grid code requirements, yielding advanced, validated modelling results. Our Expert Team is skilled not only to examine grid-connected or interconnected system modelling, design and forecasting, but also stand-alone or hybrid systems. 

Modelling in accordance with the grid connection regulations and relying on FGW TR4, is required for the certification of the power generation systems in accordance to FGW TR8 „Certification of the Electrical Characteristics of Power Generating Units and Systems in the Medium, High and Highest Voltage Grids“. 

Models validation is indispensable 

With increasing share of renewables in the interconnected generation matrix, grid stability and security of the system increasingly become the focus of recent and future work. FGW TR8 takes that into account and requires certain specifications to allow generators to interconnect to the interconnected network. Our modelling validates the operation and electrical characteristics of any generating systems under question. Former are essential to be proven prior to grid connection. 

ProfEC Ventus is capable of providing such models that demonstrate real performance characteristics with validated results. Based on our expertise we can provide a detailed structure of models and support the verification of the models to complete the certification procedures. Our service hereby includes: 

Impact analysis of intermitted power: static and dynamic studies for high wind power penetration areas with the objective of assessing the system stability against variations of different parameters of the grid and the wind farm. 

Wind turbines modelling and simulation studies: creation of simple and complex models depending on project requirements using well-known modelling software such as DIgSILENT, MATLAB, Python, Homer and others. These services are provided for grid operators, wind turbine manufacturers, energy traders and takers, etc. 

Grid analyses: measurements of voltage dips, frequency variations, overvoltage, phase shifts, flicker, harmonics and others for the verification and validation of the models. 

Testing of wind turbines and PV plants: in accordance to FGW TR8 and IEC 61400-21. 

Recommendations and modelling: retro-fits, enhancements or reinforcements for grids or if generator components or operational management and patterns change.

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