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ProfEC Ventus GmbH offers a range of services that do result in best possible insights, raising valuable information for our Clients, in order to base substantial project related decisions on it in a safe and consistent way.

Services provided are highly qualitative, often derived from latest research results and hence close to most recent scientific insights and innovative trends. We offer, among highly standardized services as wind measurement equipment, numerous services based on innovative approaches such as the uncertainty analysis via linear Weibull fit assessment or the customer oriented V.Mac for measurement data transfer, evaluation and sharing.

Our premise is to increase certainty and reduce uncertainty and doubts for our Clients. Beside that we optimize energy yields of wind farms during the planning phase and during the operational phase.                                                                       

We serve Clients in an economic way and help to reduce planning and investment costs, while increasing benefits and operational income, although maintaining low risks and high benefits.

We offer services on a global scale and don’t hesitate following our Clients’ requests, may it be as Owners or Lenders Engineer, as Technology Provider, Advisor, Optimizer or in other functions.

Relying on pertinent accepted norms and standards ensures that our quality of work is accepted worldwide.

During our daily work we certify compliance of tested subjects in question with in question with:

ProfEC Ventus is accredited as Testing and Calibration Laboratory following ISO/IEC 17025 for following services: 

Quality at is best: our contribution resets the pre-set!

ProfEC Ventus is engaged in several national and internationally accepted bodies focussing on streamlining quality of work, service and results within the global wind energy market. Development of standards, norms and guidelines yield harmonized results, necessary for globally acting wind energy stakeholders as banks, investors, wind turbine manufacturers, project developers, O&M companies etc. 

ProfEC Ventus naturally not only applies such standards, but also contributes during the development and acceptance of such, by injecting valuable knowledge and experience to the working groups and boards developing, respectively approving, said standards.

Among others ProfEC Ventus is engaged in:

National committee work

BWE – German Wind Energy Association:

FGW – Federation of German Wind Power and other Renewable Energies:


International committee work

IEC – International Electro-Technical Commission:

Accredited Compliance